Each of our 6 Workover Rigs have a dedicated crew assigned specifically to that rig. Every crew member completes certification with SafeLink and OSHA as well as Peak Well Service’s own in-house screening and training.

Crew Titles and Job Descriptions:


The Derrickhand is next in line to the Operator/Relief Operator on a service rig labor crew. This position is responsible for all work above the rig floor: monitoring and maintaining proper procedures and operation as related to the nature of the work and preventative maintenance programs. The Derrickhand performs all well servicing tasks from an elevated position in the rod basket or tubing board. The Derrickhand assist in rigging up and down, picking up or laying down tubing and working the floors or operating the rig when necessary.


Operator / Relief Operator

The primary duty of the Operator/Relief Operator is to operate the controls and equipment on a rig. The Duty station for both of these operations is the Operator/Relief Operator console, which includes brakes, throttles, clutches and gauges. The Operator/Relief Operator has invariably worked up through Floorhand and Derrickhand to become acquainted with the equipment and procedures. The Operator/Relief Operator manages crew members, maintains productivity standards and works closely with customers ensuring that quality products and services are being safely provided to the customer.

Tool Pusher

The Tool Pusher’s primary duties are to organize and direct labor crews and subcontractors and are considered the on-site Contractor representative. Tool pushers need to exhibit a working knowledge of all parts and pieces on a workover rig and should be able to trouble shoot the mechanics of the rig and equipment on site while maintaining a safe and efficient service rig. The Tool Pusher needs to be capable and resourceful in lining up equipment for consecutive jobs requested by the customer while ensuring the rig and equipment is functioning and operating properly. The Tool Pusher, acting responsibly, has the right to refuse such duties or orders, as in his own opinion, compromises his safety, or those on the rig. The Tool Pusher also works closely with customers to resolve concerns that may arise while maintaining productivity standards for all rig functions.


Floorhand / Roughneck

The Floorhand is normally the starting position on a service rig labor crew. The primary duties are to assist the Derrickhand and Operator/Relief Operator on the rig floor. In addition, the Floorhand also performs duties of an all-around worker on the service rig.