Workover & Well Service

Peak Well Service provides workover and well servicing throughout Utah’s Uinta Basin. Our operations include a fleet of Workover Rigs, each with its own dedicated crew, for well optimization and repairs. Each rig is subjected to our rigorous safety inspections to insure our equipment handles the job safely and efficiently without issues.

We take pride in offering rigs and crews with proven track records. We also have a highly trained internal staff that is responsible for relaying direction to our field employees during critical moments on a job. Making sure that our equipment and operators are reactive to situations in the field will reduce the time and cost involved with repairing and optimizing wells.

Our company’s success today is a direct result to our well-maintained and efficient rigs and our highly-trained crews. Both the equipment and personnel commissioned over the years established the foundation that our company was built on. At Peak Well Service, our mission is to benefit our customer partners by providing them with well service that will lower their operating costs by providing them with the highest quality and most efficient service available. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations for a well servicing contractor.

Problems at the well can mean lost profits. Peak Well Service knows that timing and turnaround are critical to every Workover operation. The efficiency of our crews and their knowledge of our equipment result in a positive impact of our workovers on your production.


Plug and Abandonment Services

Peak Well Service offers workover rigs and crews specifically trained and equipped for plug and abandonment (P&A) services. Our teams have decades of experience plugging oil & gas wells in varying environmental conditions and work with our customers to make certain we meet all standards of expectations and regulatory compliance.

The decision to plug and abandon (P&A) a well or field is invariably based on economics. Once production delivers less than the operating expenses, it is time to consider plug & abandonment. The purpose is to make sure that no fluids or gas leak into the environment and to mitigate the producer’s liability.

Peak Well Service’s plug and abandonment services typically employ the use of cast-iron bridge plugs and cement retainers to prevent future leaks and protect the producer from liability. This creates multiple seals to provide isolation to the surface and between zones within the well. Once the P&A work has been completed, the well site can be reclaimed and restored back to its original state. Restoring the site to appear as it did before the well was drilled is part of our commitment to environmentally sustainable operations and to relieving the producer of liability.



Dedicated Rigs & Crews: Peak Well Service has workover rigs and crews specifically trained and equipped for plugging and abandonment (P&A). Peak will cover everything from the well kill and planning, to labor, to site reclamation and restoration.

Wireline: We offer wireline services and a range of wireline tools for the specific needs of the job.

Cement: Peak Well Service operates its own cementing unit and usually cements with Portland cement, though hydraulic cementing may be used where necessary.

Cement Retainers and Cast-Iron Bridge Plugs: Peak offers a variety of plugs to best suit the P&A project. Our crews determine the best tools for the job and use high-grade products to properly complete the well plugging.

Down-hole Equipment Recovery: Our crews experience and knowledge help us determine what equipment is needed to extract your equipment reliably and efficiently.

Site Restoration: In this industry you need more than a company to do business with, you need a partner. There is no room for error in this process, and our customer’s liability is the heart of our business. Our workers are well-educated and kept up to date on all of the latest regulations regarding abandonment and reclamation.  Relieving our customers of liability is a priority. Solid and liquid wastes carries cradle-to-grave liability; Peak Well Service mitigates producers’ risks through our standards and practices.




Peak Rig Specifications

Peak Well Service operates a fleet of Workover Rigs. Each rig deploys with a dedicated crew (working only with that specific rig) consisting of a Tool Pusher, Operator/Relief Operator, Derrickhand and Floorhand.

Rig # Make Model State Licensed Year Derrick Height Max Capacity Description
Rig #900 Taylor Workover Rig Utah 2007 104′ 240,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #1100 Skytop Workover Rig Utah 1982 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #1500 Service King Workover Rig Utah 2013 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #1700 Service King Workover Rig Utah 2013 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #1900 Service King P&A Rig Utah 2014 104′ 250,000 Water truck, back hoe, cement mixer,
additional component trailers
Rig #2100 Service King Workover Rig Utah 2014 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #2300 Service King Workover Rig Utah 2014 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #2500 Service King Workover Rig Utah 2014 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #2700 Service King Workover Rig Utah 2014 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover
Rig #2900 Service King Workover Rig Utah 2014 104′ 250,000 Double Draw Workover

Hyper Scratcher Technology

Taking Well Optimization to a Whole New Level

Peak Well Service offers well optimization using the Hyper Scratcher System, a patented down hole tool and process which has a 100% successful track record at significantly increasing oil and gas production. Peak Well Service is committed to helping your company maximize oil and gas production, and the Hyper Scratcher System is the best tool on the market to accomplish this.

In awell_optim_HyperScratcher-detail documented trial of over 400 wells, the Average Increases are:

  • Oil well production: 250%
  • Gas well production: 90%
  • Disposal well efficiency: 66%

This cost-effective, multi-phase cleaning system addresses a major cause of inefficient well production without damaging the formation. Reduced rig time is accomplished with the tool that scratches and hyper washes in one trip. The Hyper Scratcher System’s high pressure jets provide continuous 360° washing, while the tool’s brushes provide double coverage on liner or casing surfaces. Perforation obstructions are removed with just one application, resulting in the efficient flow of fluid. The Hyper Scratcher System produces superior results in oil wells, gas wells, injector wells and disposal wells.

How it Works

With a spiral, 360 degree phase brush configuration, the Hyper Scratcher provides double coverage on all inner surfaces of liner or casing. Jet alignment provides a continuous washing of slots or perforations. The filtering system consists of a four foot pup join, a 40 micron stainless steel strainer placed 30 feet above the tool, and a 30 micron stainless steel strainer located directly on top of the tool. No special work string is required; your existing tubing will do the job. The Hyper Scratcher tool scratches and hyper washes in one trip, resulting in reduced rig time, and that means more money for your business.

Hyper Scratcher Well Optimization Technology

  • INCREASES PRODUCTION: Proven for oil, gas, injection and disposal wells
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Tubing conveyed in a single trip
  • ENHANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM: Facilitates any combination of acids or solvents
  • NO COMPROMISE OF FORMATION: Removes obstructions in perforations without forcing fluids into the formation to alter its permeability



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