Peak Well Service is a division of Integrated Energy Companies. Integrated Energy Companies provides services for the energy production industries throughout the Mountain West. Our portfolio of companies make us uniquely qualified to provide a range of services specifically tailored to the diversified needs of our customers.

Our dedication to understanding and serving the needs of of the energy production industry results in more flexible and reliable levels of support services.

Integrated Energy Companies’ scope of services:

  • Environmental Mitigation Services: Integrated Water Management serves the energy production industry with containment and environmental mitigation services, including: production water containment and disposal, soil remediation (land farming), and off-spec oil cleaning.
  • Natural Gas Logistics and Sales: Summit Energy handles energy logistics from wellhead to burner tip. We play an important role in the Mountain West’s natural gas supply chain by providing a conduit to market for producers and delivering a dependable supply to large-burn end users. Summit energy offers Natural Gas sales, producer services, asset management, risk management and trading and optimization strategies.
  • Workover & Well Services: Peak Well Service provides workover and well servicing throughout Utah’s Uinta Basin. Our operations include a fleet of Workover Rigs, each with its own dedicated crew, for well optimization and repairs.
  • Crude Oil Marketing Services: Pinnacle Energy Marketing serves crude oil producers and buyers with market strategies and logistics.