Taking Well Optimization to a Whole New Level

Peak Well Service offers well optimization using the Hyper Scratcher System, a patented down hole tool and process which has a 100% successful track record at significantly increasing oil and gas production. Peak Well Service is committed to helping your company maximize oil and gas production, and the Hyper Scratcher System is the best tool on the market to accomplish this.

In awell_optim_HyperScratcher-detail documented trial of over 400 wells, the Average Increases are:

  • Oil well production: 250%
  • Gas well production: 90%
  • Disposal well efficiency: 66%

This cost-effective, multi-phase cleaning system addresses a major cause of inefficient well production without damaging the formation. Reduced rig time is accomplished with the tool that scratches and hyper washes in one trip. The Hyper Scratcher System’s high pressure jets provide continuous 360° washing, while the tool’s brushes provide double coverage on liner or casing surfaces. Perforation obstructions are removed with just one application, resulting in the efficient flow of fluid. The Hyper Scratcher System produces superior results in oil wells, gas wells, injector wells and disposal wells.

How it Works

With a spiral, 360 degree phase brush configuration, the Hyper Scratcher provides double coverage on all inner surfaces of liner or casing. Jet alignment provides a continuous washing of slots or perforations. The filtering system consists of a four foot pup join, a 40 micron stainless steel strainer placed 30 feet above the tool, and a 30 micron stainless steel strainer located directly on top of the tool. No special work string is required; your existing tubing will do the job. The Hyper Scratcher tool scratches and hyper washes in one trip, resulting in reduced rig time, and that means more money for your business.

Hyper Scratcher Well Optimization Technology

  • INCREASES PRODUCTION: Proven for oil, gas, injection and disposal wells
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Tubing conveyed in a single trip
  • ENHANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM: Facilitates any combination of acids or solvents
  • NO COMPROMISE OF FORMATION: Removes obstructions in perforations without forcing fluids into the formation to alter its permeability